Zennies Here...

Zennies is a cryptocurrency aimed at changing the perception of how digital tokens can be used by people. By creating exciting and fun uses for Zennies, cryptocurrency can expect wider adoption by a broader user base.

Zennies There...

The Zennies Zambassador Program is an ambassadorship designed specifically to organically grow the Zennies global community. Zambassadors will be assisted with the organization and promotion of regional Zennies activity.

Zennies Everywhere!

The Zambassador Program is a global initiative to establish regional Zennies communities. Zambassadors help develop the Zennies community through organizing events and spreading awareness of Zennies locally. By focusing on building the Zennies community it is expected that more immediate uses for Zennies will become evident and explored.


Zambassadors operate regionally with the aim to share information about Zennies with communities that will embrace the Zennies movement. Zennies Zambassadors are encouraged to reach out to local communities and are eligible to receive benefits including: Zennies subsidies, promotional materials, marketing assistance, sponsorship opportunities and other benefits to be announced..

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